Friday, June 07, 2013

Is the Obama Administration Melting? Here's 10 Reasons to Say "Yes."

There may be nothing particularly new in Nile Gardiner's article in today's Telegraph ("The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 2013. Ten key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown") but that doesn't mean you should skip it. After all, Gardiner is an insightful political commentator with character, wit and superb writing skill. He's always worth the read.

Here are a few highlights of the piece:

1) The American public is losing trust in Obama.

2) The Obama presidency is imperial in style and outlook.

Leading conservative talk radio host Mark Levin was absolutely right when he blasted Barack Obama on Fox News back in January as “an imperial president.” It would be hard to find a US president in recent times who has behaved in a more arrogant fashion than President Obama, and that includes Richard Nixon. The Obama White House is routinely disdainful of criticism, sneeringly dismissive of Congressional opposition, nasty and brutish towards dissenting voices in the media, and completely lacking in humility. Even veteran reporters such as Bob Woodward, one of two journalists who broke the Watergate scandal, have found themselves on the sharp end of the White House’s boot after publishing unflattering stories. Woodward was warned earlier this year by a senior White House official that he would “regret” his remarks about the president’s handling of the sequester issue. At the same time the Obama presidency exudes a shameless “let them eat cake” mentality, abundantly on display with the president’s lavish vacations and golfing expeditions while millions of American families have struggled to pay their mortgage and stay afloat against the backdrop in recent years of the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

3) Most Americans are still worried about the economy.

4) America’s level of debt is frightening.

America’s economic problems are compounded by its huge debt problem. Barack Obama continues to lead the United States down the path of European Union-style decline, with incredible levels of public debt, currently standing at $16.85 trillion, a per person debt of $53,000. President Obama has done nothing to confront the vast entitlement programmes that are a yoke around the necks of future generations of American taxpayers, while taking an axe to defense spending, resulting in politically driven cuts that undermine America’s national security while doing nothing to reduce the country’s debt burden. As he made clear in his Inauguration address in January, President Obama remains committed to a big spending, big government vision, and one that will force the United States down the road to economic ruin unless it is reversed.

5) Obamacare is hugely expensive and increasingly unpopular.

6) Independents are rapidly withdrawing support for Obama.

7) The liberal media is less deferential to Obama in his second term

8) The Benghazi scandal has been extremely damaging.

9) Obama’s national security strategy is weak and confusing.

President Obama’s recent address to the National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington has to go down as one of the most weak-kneed speeches by a US Commander-in-Chief in modern times. His call for a winding down of the global war against Islamist terror was na├»ve in the extreme, and sent completely the wrong signal to America’s enemies at a time when al-Qaeda is strengthening its presence in parts of the Middle East as well as North, West and East Africa…

10) Obama is “leading from behind” on the world stage.

Again, the article is titled, "The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 2013. Ten key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown" and it's right here.