Friday, June 07, 2013

Gosnell's "House of Horrors" Is Just the Opening Chapter

"Gosnell is an extreme outlier when it comes to medical practice or abiding by the law," said National Abortion Federation president Vicki Saporta in late April. The day after Saporta’s comment, the prosecution rested its case against Gosnell after spending weeks detailing the gruesome practices in his “house of horrors.” We learned that he had killed at least one woman and probably hundreds of viable babies — not to mention thousands of legally aborted children — over several decades.

Since then, many have argued that Gosnell is not an “extreme outlier.” Thanks to investigations sparked by the Gosnell case, evidence for that claim — much of it painstakingly collected by pro-life organizations, whose complaints have long been ignored by government authorities — is beginning to mount.

Much has been made of the spectacle of Gosnell’s operation, and rightly so. He operated a slaughterhouse, and he is not alone. But the investigations are beginning to show that even when an abortion clinic is not an abattoir, its personnel tend to engage in illegal or unsafe practices that endanger women, not to mention their babies. This article will attempt a partial chronicle of both degrees of malpractice…

Please read on. Ian Tuttle's column from NRO's The Corner makes for very important reading.