Monday, June 10, 2013

Amid Sorrow and Change, There's Still Work to be Done

It's going to be a very busy week. There are the regular tasks of blogging, cross-posting, correspondence, lawn work, sermon preparation, and work on the various Vital Signs web sites. Both of our cars need to be fixed. We will be involved in a funeral service.

And we have 6 presentations of "When Swing Was King" scheduled.

And amid all of these things, we are experiencing those diverse emotions that come from having a dear friend and colleague die. That friend was Chet Thomas, a friend of 28 years, a Vital Signs Ministries Board member, a founding member of the Notting Hill Napoleons (our book club), a regular attender of the church where I preach, and a very frequent guest in our home.

I will be doing the sermon at Chet's service this week and I may post those remarks at a later time. But for now, there's the post immediately before this one.