Thursday, May 02, 2013

True Courage vs Its Trendy Counterfeits

Aristotle said that courage is the greatest virtue, because without it none of the rest are possible.

We have a strange definition of courage taking form in our culture. A basketball player tells the world that he is “gay” (homosexual, if you please). Such tokenism is considered courageous to the point that the Borgia in the White House calls him to congratulate and stroke him. The celebrity world, the only one that matters to our pretty people, fawns and falls over itself at the thought of another such “hero.”

Please. Does anybody remember what it is that homosexual people actually do to one another in order to, um, get it off? That conjures many things, but courage doesn’t come to mind...

Jack Niewold is like Mrs. Prothero in Dylan Thomas' "A Child's Christmas in Wales" -- he says the right thing, always.

See what I mean by reading the rest of Jack's brief essay on genuine courage vs its trendy counterfeit. That essay is right here at Jack's blog, a place you'll probably want to put in your bookmark list.