Monday, April 22, 2013

The Round Up (A Few Must-Reads from the Weekend)

Here's a few recommendations from the weekend's must-read file:

* "Make No Mistake, It Was Jihad" by former Attorney General of the U.S. Michael B. Mukasey at the Wall Street Journal.

* "Barbarism in Philadelphia: The crimes of Kermit Gosnell" by Jon A. Shields at The Weekly Standard.

* "Don’t Rule Out Anything" by Stephen Hayes at American Thinker.

* "It doesn’t matter why they hate us, they just do" by Kevin Cullen at the Boston Globe.

* "New study: TV increased U.S. support for same-sex 'marriage'" by Kirsten Andersen at LifeSiteNews. (Uh, did we really need a study to tell us this?)

* "Obama Fizzles Out" by Richard Butrick at American Thinker.

* "Without healthy families you can kiss the Great American Economy goodbye" by Patrick F. Fagan at Mercator.