Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Nanny State's Unending Quest for Power

To liberal politicians, the overarching passion is not to protect the safety
and Constitutional rights of the citizen nor is it to promote their general welfare. No, the overarching goal of liberal politicians is simply to establish dominion over the citizens, to create a Nanny State in which the collective smothers individual freedom, initiative and responsibility.

The trick, of course, is to persuade citizens to surrender their rights (and even religious convictions) to the government. Fears are heavily played upon. Big lies are told. Tasty carrots are offered.

But, in the end, liberal politicians know that force must be applied. Elections are bought and rigged.  Unelected judges dismiss existing law, justice and the will of the majority in order to create completely new (yet forever binding) rules. Government clerks invade every area of the citizens' life. The taxman takes, takes and takes some more.

And, if necessary, punishment will be dealt to those who yet refuse to bow the knee.

It's happened before in other countries with violent, heartbreaking, disastrous results.

And it's now happening