Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Pro-Abortion Activists Are Losing Their Grip...And Their Cool

Pro-life blogger extraordinaire Jill Stanek summarizes the reasons for the new angst bubbling up from the ranks of abortion activists.

1) Pro-lifers have turned the conversation. We are discussing matters that are not within the framework that the other side wants.

2) Pro-lifers are now fighting on our turf. We have gained ground through ballot initiatives, amendments, and lawsuits that challenge the other side to take the defensive.

3) Pro-lifers are making the pro-aborts spend money. Our constant, pro-active fights in community, state, and federal battles are costing pro-abortion advocates time, money, and resources.

4) Pro-lifers are targeting Planned Parenthood. Our increased efforts to put the abortion Goliath out of business are having a huge effect!

5) Pro-lifers sometimes split the pro-abortion base and cause them to fight amongst one another.

Yes, the sun does shine for abortion zealots in Washington, D.C. But it’s dark -- and growing darker -- everywhere else.

Read more in Jill's report, "Demoralized: Nothing Going the Right Way Now for Abortion Backers."