Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Questions I Just Hate to Ask

* Questions about the sequester "crisis."

If the sequester is crippling the U.S, government as Barack Obama claims (you know, babies going without medicine, criminals being let out on the streets, police and firemen being laid off, and so on), then where is the money coming to pay for the 2,596 new jobs the federal government is advertising for since the sequester began? Or how about the dozens of senior White House employees and other presidential assistants who are still raking in six-figure salaries from taxpayers? And don't forget the 1.6 billion rounds of ammo (that's right, 1.6 billion) purchased by Homeland Security.

And, as Kim Stassel stressed in an article linked to in a previous Vital Signs post, there's the three White House calligraphers ($277,000 a year); the EPA's $141,000 award to Communist China to study swine manure; $500,000 to support specialty shampoo products for cats and dogs;  $27 million for a project that helped fund pottery classes in Morocco; fancy shindig conferences for federal officials ($340 million last year); and so forth. "But Mr. Obama is too broke to let American kids look around the White House."

* Questions about ObamaCare.

Wanna' see what ObamaCare looks like? Senate Minority Leader has offered up a striking visual on his website. This stack is the Obamacare regulations which have been published in the Federal Register through last week. That's more than a 7-foot high pile representing 20,000 pages -- and it doesn't have the 828 pages added just last Friday.

That's right. The stack of ObamaCare regulations is like your Great Dane puppy. It just grows bigger and bigger everyday.

* Questions about the over-the-top antagonism of the mainstream press to Christianity.

From Rod Dreher, "WaPo: Christianity Creates Killers" in the American Conservative:

Today the Washington Post brought in Rabbi Bradley Hirschfield for an online chat on the topic of, “What role does Christianity play in the murder of the openly gay mayoral candidate in Mississippi?”

Notice that the Post didn’t even ask if Christianity did play a role in the killing — which would have been weird enough. No, for the Post, that question was settled; the only one worth asking is the nature of the role.

Were you aware that there was a Christian angle to the shocking murder? No? Because guess what: there isn’t. The Washington Post is making it up...

On March 2, the Jackson (MS) Clarion-Ledger reported that people close to the dead man, Marco McMillian, and the accused murderer, Lawrence Reed, say the two were friends, possibly lovers, and had a fight…Friends of McMillian, however, say the two men were romantically involved and quarreled immediately before the slaying. “They were having an affair,” said 18-year-old Carlos Jones. “They got to tussling.”

There is no evidence — none — that Christianity had anything to do with this hideous killing, which, whether it was “gay panic” or a lover’s quarrel gone badly wrong, was apparently a crime of passion. But that wasn’t good enough for the Washington Post, which fanned the flames of anti-religious bigotry by desperately searching for a faith angle...

When a Jewish person is arrested for killing someone, will the Post invite Father F.X. O’Finnerty in to discuss the role Judaism played in the killing? Even in the absence of any evidence to suggest that the murder suspect practiced Judaism, or that Jewish teaching had a thing to do with the killing? Because if they did such a thing, it would be blatantly, disgustingly anti-Semitic. It would also be an act of grotesque civic irresponsibility so vile and provocative you’d have to wonder what the newspaper’s ultimate goal was.

Do not doubt that the Washington Post knows exactly what its doing. And it’s proud of it. There will be a lot more of this kind of thing. We live in interesting times.

* Questions about Thomas Perez

Does Barack Obama have the anti-American gall to nominate the radical Thomas Perez to be his next Secretary of Labor? (Of course he does.) Therefore, the more practical question becomes: will Republican Senators dare to vote against him?

Read more here. "Obama to Nominate Sharia Supporter, Illegal Immigrant Advocate as Labor Secretary" by Matthew Vadum at American Thinker.