Friday, March 01, 2013

After Criticizing Obama, Bob Woodward Is Lower Than Dirt to Press Corps

I've never trusted Bob Woodward.

Back in the day, I read the monstrously best-selling "All the President's Men" with it's tangled mix of real reporting, gossip, innuendo, invented quotes, mystery sources, slander, leftist propaganda, and thought, "If this is the future of journalism, the profession -- and the Republic -- are in deep trouble."

Both fears came true.

But Woodward became a liberal star. And a star he remained...until now.

For Bob Woodward has dared to criticize Barack Obama. And the liberal powers that be (even in his own profession) have suddenly decided he's actually a liar, an establishment hack, a has been, a traitor.

The very same people who have gushed over Woodward for four decades, even with his infamous (and most probably invented) deathbed interview with William Casey (because it was another example of Woodward sticking it to conservatives), now will not give him the time of day.

Bob Woodward dared to blaspheme the Big O. Therefore, Bob Woodward is now lower than dirt to the mainstream press.

Again, I'm not bothered by this spin of affairs because I'm a fan of Bob Woodward. Like I said, I wasn't impressed then and he's given me no reason over the course of his career to change my mind. But I am bothered to see how sudden, shameless and sinister was the shift. For it demonstrates not only how far in the tank for Obama are America's journalists, but how low and vindictive they're willing to go to defend him.