Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Want to Do a Good Deed? Write a Letter.

Below are a few of the letters I wrote the other night at a special letter-writing party held at Faith Bible Church. It was the same kind of event that Vital Signs Ministries has sponsored throughout our 30 years of service. I post these sample letters here (along with contact information) in high hopes that it will stimulate a few of you to follow suit.

1) The Military Religious Freedom Act

Dear Senator -----------,

Would you please join on as a co-sponsor of (and otherwise actively support) S. 3526, the Military Religious Freedom Act?  This bill, of course, is not merely a matter of defending the biblical standards regarding marriage but of religious freedom too.  Thank you.

(The chief aim of this bill is to protect military chaplains who cannot in good conscience perform same-sex "wedding" ceremonies." I sent the letter to Senator Deb Fischer, 825 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC, 20510.)

2) Defunding Planned Parenthood

Dear Senator ---------,

Would you please redouble your efforts to eliminate government funding of Planned Parenthood? For crying out loud, it’s a multi-million dollar business that kills preborn boys and girls, zealously promotes and enables promiscuity and, in a dozen other ways, contributes to the decadence of American culture.  So why, when the nation is broke, do we scrape up $350 million from the taxpayers every year to give to this sinister group?

As you know, defunding the abortion profiteers at Planned Parenthood is a priority with your pro-life constituency so please make sure it remains a priority of your statesmanship as well.  Thank you.

(This letter was sent to Senator Mike Johanns, 404 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington DC, 20510.)

3) The Boy Scouts being pressured to allow homosexual leaders

Dear Boy Scouts,

Please do not cave in to the irrational demands of political-correctness by allowing homosexual leaders in your organization.  It will not only signal the end of the Boy Scouts’ noble defense of biblical standards regarding sexuality, it will almost certainly signal the end of the Boy Scouts as well. After all, large numbers of those who have supported the organization (Catholics, Southern Baptists, other evangelical groups, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, and so many others) will certainly stop that support if you make compromises in this important area.

Please continue your stand for the moral traditions that have ennobled the Boy Scouts of America since its beginnings -- traditions, by the way, that have also stood Western civilization in good stead as well!

4) Nebraska LB 300. 

(The Womens' Right to Know: 4-D Ultrasound Bill)

Dear Senator ----------,

Please join as a co-sponsor and active supporter of LB 300.  It is common sense legislation that safeguards women’s health, insures a woman’s right to know, and promotes the legitimate interest of the state in protecting human life.  Thank you so much.

(Nebraska citizens, you can find the appropriate mailing address and other contact information right here.)

5) Thanks to Hobby Lobby

Dear Mr. Green,

This note represents yet another voice of thanks for your principled and courageous defense of religious freedom and for the legitimate interest of citizens to remain free from entanglements they cannot, in good conscience, accept.  We are deeply grateful for your efforts. Also, we are diligently praying for your success in the courts and for God’s richest blessing on your business, your reputation and your employees.


(This letter was sent to David Green CEO, Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., 7707 SW 44th Street, Oklahoma City OK, 73179.)

6) Carol Wright Company Goes "Over the Top Inappropriate"

To Whom It May Concern,

It has come to my attention that you have begun to include salacious, sex-themed articles in your formerly family catalog, a catalog that frequently reaches homes where it was not solicited.  This is not only a tasteless and morally irresponsible move; it is one that is certainly going to cost your company business.  You have already lost ours.  Plus I am passing along the news of your actions to family, friends, readers of my blog, and the church I pastor.  Please reconsider your action and make a public announcement soon that you have reversed this policy.

(This letter was sent to Carol Wright Gifts, PO Box 7823, Edison NJ, 08818-7823)