Thursday, February 21, 2013

As the Snow Falls

In anticipation of today's snowstorm, the activities director of Life Care Center called and asked if we could reschedule our "When Swing Was King" presentation. We were supposed to be there this afternoon -- beginning the show two hours after the storm is supposed to hit.

"Our people love you guys and the 'When Swing Was King' program so much that we don't want to chance missing you. I know that you have a lot going on but I'm hoping we can find another time this month for you to come."

We did.

So today we are chilling out (no pun intended) as we await this school-stopping storm. They're suggesting perhaps a foot of snow with hard winds that could disrupt power. That's okay. We're ready. We are stocked up on groceries, batteries, blankets, and gasoline for the snow blower. We have plenty of firewood stacked on the deck.

And, of course, we have books.