Friday, January 18, 2013

Vital Signs' "Fifth Dimension" in Cyberspace -- The Book Den.

Did you know that Vital Signs Blog is only one of five cyberspace platforms for Vital Signs Ministries? They include this blog and Facebook (our busiest boulevards) and the official Vital Signs Ministries site where discriminating visitors can investigate a wide variety of topics. For instance, if they wanted information on the Church's teachings on abortion throughout history, RU-486, or "brain death," they could find it.

They could also look up this month's schedule for "When Swing Was King," learn the details of our "3 for 5" prayer program against Planned Parenthood, or examine a diary of the unborn child.

At that site, a visitor might be looking for tips on effective letter-writing, a copy of the latest LifeSherer letter (or previous editions too), or just some general descriptions of Vital Signs' history, strategies and doctrinal beliefs.

They can find all that...and a lot more.

But, if you're counting, that's only three cyberspace sites. What are the other two?

Well, one of them probably isn't for you -- except as a motivation to pray -- for the 4th cyberspace platform is our Russian-language site, VSM Resources. There we post articles for our friends in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan‎, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Estonia, and other countries. We provide material on pro-life issues, Bible study material, marriage and family guidance, sermon helps, etc.‎

And finally, our fifth internet outreach is The Book Den, a blog site where we concentrate on literature -- with occasional forays into music, cinema and other elements of the arts. We host that site for two reasons: 1) By interest, by academic and lay training, and by our previous professions, we're into that stuff! And 2) We well know that building a culture of life requires renovation of a lot more than just politics. Indeed, the principles of biblical stewardship require us to bring our Christianity into all expressions of life: theology, philosophy, family, work, service, economics, leisure and, yes, the arts too.

Interested in a sample? Here are this week's posts from The Book Den: