Friday, January 04, 2013

TLC's Shameless Sisterhood

Barb Malek, one of the Directors of the AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling, reviews the debut of a new television program, The Sisterhood.

But, unlike the TV show itself, Barb's column shouldn't be missed. Excellent and important stuff.

...There were two moments in the program that I found particularly disturbing. The first was when one of the pastors sat his two teenage daughters down to show them how to put a condom on a banana. He kept stating, “now I hope you never have sex, but….” and then proceeded to give them advice on how to stay safe from STD’s and pregnancy if they did. There was no explanation about what the Bible says about sex before marriage or even why it is better to wait. He even made it clear that he had a lot of sex as a teen and got some pretty disgusting diseases as a result.  If this is what he tells his daughters, it makes you wonder what this man of God tells his congregation.

Sadly, I do not find this surprising. We talk to young ladies every week that attend Bible-believing churches, some that are even in leadership roles, that have had multiple sexual partners and see nothing wrong with that. Some of them have concerns with abortion, but if a pregnancy affects them personally, many do not give the destruction of their unborn child a second thought. I have often wondered if they ever heard a message of abstinence preached from the pulpit and find it hard to believe that they do.

If the church does not take the lead in this area, who will?…

Read the rest of “The Sisterhood”: Striving to Prove the Church is No Different Than the World? at Barb's blog.