Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making the Rounds

Things are popping around here today. We started off with a quick hello to Claire Nicole and then headed down to Lincoln for a meeting at the Governor's Mansion with several pro-life colleagues and about...oh, 20 or more state senators. It was a splendid meeting. Organized by Americans United for Life, Family First, the Bishop's Conference on Pro-Life Activities, FreedMen, the Lincoln CPC, Nebraskans United for Life, and Nebraska Family Council, the purpose was to showcase to the senators the winsome ethics, relevant policies, unity, and wide range of services represented by the Nebraska pro-life community.

And it acheived that purpose very well.

The speakers took only a few minutes each but they were all on point and very persuasive. The breakfast remarks included descriptions of services provided by pro-life pregnancy centers and Project Rachel; a call from our old friend Stan Parker with Mission Nebraska and My Bridge Radio about Christians embracing the wide-open field of ministry to orphans that exists in the foster care system; and two very moving personal stories of adoption from Nik Schreiner and Gaye Tillotson. Gaye provided what Claire and I both received as the take-away line of the day -- "Birth mothers do not give their children up; they give their children...parents!"

Then it was a quick stop for gas and back up to Omaha where Claire did some shopping while I blogged.

Next, we're loading up for this afternoon's "When Swing Was King" presentation at an assisted living facility in Ft. Calhoun. It's our smallest audience of all 12 or 13 we do a month but then it's a pretty small place. And, after all, since we often draw almost half of all the residents at the place, we can't gripe! But in terms of enjoyment? Well, in that category, these folks are second to none.

Tonight's schedule? Well, I'm not sure. Both Claire and Claire Nicole have been working awfully hard so I may treat them to a dinner out. And then it will be a bit more work -- Claire on the booth for the NRL Walk for Life in Lincoln this Saturday morning, Claire Nicole on her class prep for her student teaching duties, and me on Sunday's sermon. (But I'm sure I'll also find some time tonight for the Bob Greene book I just started. It's Duty, his personal memoir of his Dad and Paul Tibbets. Good stuff.)