Friday, January 18, 2013

Let's Make Obama's Hypocrisy On Defending Children a Tipping Point

A promotional film using the language of Barack Obama as commentary? Yes! Thanks, Blackstone Films -- the film clip I post below is a real winner: 1) a very important illustration of the crying need to protect kids (born and preborn) and 2) an extremely telling expose' of the audacious hypocrisy of our current President.

After all, look at the way Obama used kids as a propaganda backdrop for his Executive Orders against the 2nd Amendment even though his zealotry for abortion shows how little he truly cares for kids. Ugly. Tragic. And dripping in Pharisaical phoniness.

Let's start today to remind friends, family and neighbors constantly of the "grand canyon" between Obama's rhetoric regarding children endangered from violence via guns and the thousands of children whose lives are being snuffed out every single day from violence via curettes, suction machines, and chemical poisons. Let's make Obama's disgusting stagecraft event a tipping point.