Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Faith Bible Church Shines at Pro-Life Walk

Saturday at the Walk for Life down in Lincoln (an hour away from Omaha), there were 25 people from Faith Bible Church. That's right; our small, inner-city church sent almost half of our congregation to the Walk! Plus, there are at least another 8 or 10 who would have been present if they were physically able to do so.

Given the shameful lack of involvement of evangelicals in this annual event (a critically-important pro-life witness to our state legislators, not to mention the whole of the state), the representation of Faith Bible Church is even more remarkable.

But this isn't the only Christian service for which this little church gets high marks. They're involved in neighborhood mercy ministries; they generously support several missionaries around the world; they have several ongoing Bible studies; they reach out to the needy; they have a great AWANA outreach to neighborhood kids; they open their gym for neighborhood kids; and, in several other ways, they shine Christ's light in the public square as well as in their own homes and workplaces. Oh yes, they also love and respond well to solid Bible teaching. Claire and I are really honored to be involved in this dedicated group.

And if you don't have a church home -- or if the one you have is more into playing it safe, being hep with the surrounding culture, and providing the right kind of emotional effect from the "worship team" -- then you might find it the right church for you too!

(By the way, the above photo was taken Saturday morning by veteran pro-life leader Chuck Conrad. It shows a portion of the crowd from the north entrance of the State Capitol before the Walk began. Thanks, Chuck. And thanks to Julie Schmit-Albin and the Nebraska Right to Life team for putting on one of the most efficient, impressive Walks for Life ever.)