Friday, January 04, 2013

Do You Dare Change? Check Out "Christmas Resolutions."

"Does the cartoon on the right illustrate how your New Year's resolutions have worked out over the years? Even so, you shouldn't give up. Indeed, you can find new levels of success in your personal improvement goals by looking at them in a whole new way."

That's how I started the Vital Signs Blog post ("Want To Do Better In Your New Year's Resolutions?") from last Monday. It was one that got a lot of positive reaction and, of course, I'm pleased that it did.

But I promised at the end of that post that I'd let you know when Claire got the sermon audio from Allen and then uploaded it onto the Vital Signs Ministries website. For there's a lot more in the sermon than what I could stuff in that brief blog post.

Here is the link to the Audio Sermon list from the Media area of the VSM website. You can download the sermon (which is entitled "Christmas Resolutions") or listen to it right there. There's also a link to the sermon, Claire just told me, on the right sidebar of the site's Home page.