Friday, December 07, 2012

In Response to Planned Parenthood's Abortion Orders, Some Affiliates Quit

When pro-life publications reported that Planned Parenthood, the mega-abortion corporation that rakes in 80 million dollars every year PLUS being given another 350 million dollars annually from government coffers, was going to require every single office in their chain to begin performing abortions by 2013, those reports were treated with derision and disdain.

But those reports were true. And here's pretty dramatic evidence of just how true; namely, Planned Parenthood facilities fleeing the corral because of that abortion coercion.

Planned Parenthood of South Central New York is breaking away from the national organization, changing its name and going solo.

In early 2013, the group — which has locations in Binghamton, Norwich, Oneonta, Sidney and Walton — will become Family Planning of South Central New York, an independent nonprofit...

The agency’s local Strategic Planning Committee and Board of Directors unanimously approved independence because the Planned Parenthood Federation of America has mandated that all affiliates provide abortions by 2013. None of the local agency’s offices provide the service; instead, they refer women to nearby abortion providers.

Now, make no mistake, the rebel group here is not being heroic or even principled. They still will be encouraging and enabling young people to engage in immoral and unhealthy sexual practices; they still will be involved in abortion (dispensing chemical poisons themselves as well as sending women to surgical abortionists elsewhere); and they still are much more interested in profits than people.

But their jumping the fences of the Planned Parenthood corral does serve to show just how mean-spirited, autocratic and zealous for abortion is the "parent" organization.