Thursday, December 06, 2012

“I Don’t Like Those Bible Studies Where They Study the Bible.”

I couldn’t help but overhear the ladies who sat at the table next to mine yesterday morning at Panera’s.  I was busy working and, though I can usually block out surrounding noise, these gals were a lot louder than most. It was difficult to ignore them completely but it became downright impossible after I heard this:

Lady #1 -- “Oh, Lord.  Those are the kinds of Bible studies I don’t enjoy at all…you know, the kind where they really study the Bible.  I prefer the kind that have some life in them, some purpose.”

Lady # 2 -- “You mean more devotional?

Lady #1 -- “Yes, I guess so.  I like the ones where you get to share; where you get to hear other people’s problems.”

A third woman chimed in.  “Me too.  I know just what you mean.  The sharing kind are more where I'm at. They're are a lot more real than the ones where people just talk about Bible things.”

Lady #4 -- “You know our church has done away with those.”

Lady #3 -- “Which ones?”

Lady #4 -- “The Bible studies where they studied the Bible.  They're all more sharing style now.  Our Sunday School classes are that way too.  I like them. But sometimes I do kind of miss the old ones ‘cause I did learn things.”

Lady #1 -- “Yeah, you can learn things sometimes but those kind are too much like school.  The sharing ones are where you learn more about real life.”

The moral of the story?  Forget Barak Obama. It’s Oprah Winfrey who defeated the American church.