Friday, December 21, 2012

A Free (and Exquisite) Christmas Song for You!

For a limited time only, a dear pro-life colleague is offering a unique and lovely version of "Carol of the Bells" as a Christmas gift to friends of Vital Signs.

He offers the song for free but with an encouragement to consider a donation to Vital Signs.

Here's the deal as put by our friend himself:

Dennis and Claire have been my dear friends for over 40 years. It gives me great joy to share this music with those of you who support Vital Signs Ministries.

Each month we will be offering a different song as a free download. This month’s selection is a new instrumental arrangement of Carol of the Bells.

The guitar is played by Ron Cooley and the recorder is played by Roxanne Layton. They have both toured with Mannheim Steamroller for many years. Tim Tyler of Omaha wrote and produced the beautiful string arrangements you will hear underneath the other instruments.

I play the piano and wrote the song arrangement.

These songs will be provided to Dennis & Claire for free, but I will be asking you to please consider helping to uphold them financially as they seek to continue ministering to “the least of these.”

100% of all gifts you send to goes directly to Vital Signs Ministries. I hope you enjoy the music... :)

May God Bless You this Christmas Season!

To download your own free copy of "Carol of the Bells," simply go to the front page of the Vital Signs Ministries web site. Scroll down on the right sidebar and you'll see the link.