Thursday, November 01, 2012

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Obama has come across as an amazingly close approximation of Jimmy Carter, complete with a slow-growth economy and a foreign policy disaster, though one of Obama's empty boasts was he understood the Arab world especially well. His backup team of David Axelrod and David Plouffé serve as second-rate Jody Powells and Ham Jordans...

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"I decided to not let cancer overwhelm me, I decided to overwhelm cancer with a shoring up of an attitude that would trust God in the midst of this and not doubt Him." 

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What do you call it when a self-proclaimed “Soldier of Allah” shouting “Allahu Akhbar” opens fire on dozens of US citizens — killing and maiming as many innocents as he can? You call it terrorism, if you’re sane. And “workplace violence,” if you’re the Obama administration.

That’s right: Three years after Nidal Malik Hasan’s jihadist shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas, in which he murdered 13 people and wounded 29 more, the Defense Department still refuses to classify the attack as what it is: an act of terror. Instead, it continues to label the shooting officially a case of “workplace violence.”

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Same-sex "marriage" may be losing voters, but it still has a commanding lead in one area: corporate support. With their edge slowly slipping away, liberals in Washington State have made a frantic pitch for help from U.S. retail giants. Already, several of them have pitched in with five- and six-figure donations, including the largest check ever--$2.5 million from founders Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos.

Recently, same-sex "marriage" supporters landed another big fish, Costco Warehouse. In a new ad, the wholesale company bulks up its radical agenda by inking its name to the business leaders backing Referendum 74. Nordstrom jumped in next, insisting that employees won't truly feel "welcomed and respected" until Washington redefines marriage for everyone. And while Starbucks, REI, and friends may be cheering marriage out of existence, new polling says the issue is a jump ball in Washington State…

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Documents uncovered by pro-life activists show that Attorney General Eric Holder is tied to an abortionist who has been accused of defrauding Medicaid, killing a woman during a botched abortion, and allowing another woman’s child to die due to sub-par medical care.

Critics say this apparent conflict of interest may explain his obsession with prosecuting peaceful pro-life activists.

Government documents show that Eric Holder’s wife and sister-in-law rented facilities to abortionist Tyrone Cecil Malloy…

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