Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Did It Happen?

"It was just a few years ago that a British TV network reported that a majority of responders to a survey believed Sherlock Holmes to have been a real person. No kidding. And substantial percentages of the same group (some 23%, in fact) denied the historical existence of Florence Nightingale and even Winston Churchill.

Let's not feel superior, though. I would be quite surprised if Americans were not every bit as ignorant as their cousins across the Pond. After all, decades of inept (yet indoctrinating) schools -- plus the frightful mindbending that comes from hours spent in front of dull-witted movies, television shows and computer games, have a powerful effect on the citizenry.

And then...that very citizenry votes."

Thus did Mr. Peabody explain to Sherman the re-election of Barack Obama.