Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back to the Blog

After those cataclysmic, highly distressing, but not quite unexpected election results, I took a week's leave from both the blog and Facebook. It was a needed respite from the political maelstrom -- a break in which to rest a bit, to ponder and pray, and to create the November LifeSharer letter which would respond to the election.

It was also a time to plan on action steps relevant to what the election revealed about America...and about the church.

That LifeSharer letter just went in the mail this morning.

If you'd like to receive Vital Signs' monthly letter (at various times a newsletter, action alert, religious essay, or often a combination of all of those) but you're not on the VSM mailing list, just sens us a request via e-mail or FB message. Plus, the LifeSharer letter is always posted on the Vital Signs Ministries website. This one will be there on Friday.

The break from the blog didn't mean I could break from other things, however. So, it's been a full enough week: writing that LifeSharer; creating a new "When Swing Was King" volume; doing a couple of "When Swing Was King" presentations; sidewalk counseling; sermon and Sunday school preparation; planning for this weekend's bed and breakfast stay with our literary club; and a lot of evening reading.

But for now, we're off for another "When Swing Was King" show.

Back on the blog tomorrow.