Thursday, November 01, 2012

Are Liberals Really Tolerant?

Liberals are awfully tolerant.

Well, they are always telling us so anyway. And, to give them credit, they are very tolerant with certain things.

They are just fine, for instance, with sexual aberration. And with abortion, profanity, ever-increasing taxes on people besides themselves, physician-assisted euthanasia, comprehensive media bias, leniency with criminals, religion (if it is Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Scientology, or earth worship), global warming, recreational drug use, animal rights, gambling, ethnic pride (unless it involves Anglo/European stock), deadbeat dads, indecency, experimentation on human embryos, judicial activism, labor union coercion, pacifism, the welfare state, civil disobedience, revisionist history, no-fault divorce, government bailouts, the United Nations, and even violence (when performed in the service of Marxism or in other cases where you can effectively "stick it to the Man").

But liberals do draw the line and will declare a striking, even strident, intolerance towards other things. Like an elderly lady peacefully, silently praying outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill or a preacher daring to teach the Bible's condemnation on homosexual practice.

Oh, boy, Liberals will definitely not tolerate that kind of behavior.

But are there other things where one might catch the liberal practicing intolerance?

Oh, yeah.

Liberals are zealously intolerant of Christianity, parental rights, capitalism, the "military-industrial complex" (especially, the military), students having Bible studies, the NRA, Rush Limbaugh, prayers before high school football games, the Constitution, U.S. borders, the death penalty, Fox News, virginity, Israel, tough drunk-driving laws, Ronald Reagan, corporal punishment, classics-based education, the Chamber of Commerce, tax cuts, and political balance in the media.

Also, liberals are zealously intolerant of crosses, thrift, abstinence-based sex education curricula, voter I.D. laws, Margaret Thatcher, evangelism, business (big and small), three strikes and you're out laws, freedom from foreign dependence on energy, the Drudge Report, home Bible studies, censorship of any kind, pro-life billboards, tax-exempt status for churches, DDT, Ann Coulter, and traditional marriage and family values.

Also, liberals are zealously intolerant of national sovereignty, open shop practices, any limitations to abortion, Oliver North, creationism and intelligent design, a strong national defense, large families, John 3:16 signs, Hollywood conservatives, school choice, budgets, strict constructionists on the bench, pro-life pregnancy help clinics, religious conscience clauses, and a lot more.

That's an awful lot of intolerance, wouldn't you say?

Indeed, I'm afraid that the way liberals use "intolerance" is just the way that Vizzini used the word "inconceivable" in "The Princess Bride."

And that would be -- wrongly.