Monday, October 01, 2012

Religion & Politics: You Can't Get More Basic Than This

From veteran missionary leader Doug Nichols:

When people ask you who you are voting for, rather than getting into an argument of personalities, it might be best to simply share your Christian worldview [explaining that] one party promotes the following:

1. Abortion (aggressive abortion even though many in the party are pro-life).

2. Gay marriage

3. Excessive spending and debt which causes inflation and massive job loss, especially hinders the poor.

4. Bigger Government and excessive taxation which results in much job loss.

while the other party promotes:

1. Pro-life.

2. Traditional marriage between one woman and one man.

3. Balanced budget, only spending what the government has, no debt.

4. Lower taxes, compassionate conservatives, and less government which helps the economy to provide more jobs.

Nuff said?