Friday, October 19, 2012

Has the Tipping Moment Arrived?

This morning as I was working on the monthly letter for Vital Signs Ministries up at my branch office (the Panera's on West Maple), I couldn't help but hear the conversation of a group of a few men sitting near me. And I was quite interested in what they were talking about. 

I've seen these guys there often and exchanged pleasantries from time to time. After all, we tend to sit at the same tables which are only a couple of feet away. And whatever talk I've noticed from these guys in the past has tended along the lines of weather, home projects, local business gossip (including union affairs), and the Huskers.

But today it was politics. And specifically, it was about changes of mind about the political parties. I got the definite impression that I was overhearing Democrats who were getting ready to leave their party...or perhaps who already had bolted. For instance, I heard them laugh at an unkind joke about Deb Fischer but the subsequent conversation revealed that none of them were going to vote for her opponent, Bob Kerrey. Their remarks about him were downright brutal.

Next the talk shifted to how extremely well Mitt Romney had fared at last night's Al Smith dinner in New York. They all loved his performance, thought his jokes were far funnier than Obama's, and thought the barbs within Romney's jokes were much more to the point.

Then one of the guys brought up Obama's support the other night of Planned Parenthood and how it disgusted him. Another one said, "Well, what do you expect from a guy who's voted against stopping even partial-birth abortion?" They all seemed to agree that was beyond the pale.

Sure, this table talk is just one incident but I don't think it's an isolated one. When you read about the change in the poll numbers, see the difference in the crowd numbers between the candidates, learn about other examples where Obama's extremism and incompetence have turned people off -- it's pretty easy to feel a surge of optimism about a change in direction for the country.

But we've still got a long way to go. So keep praying. Keep telling people the truth. Put up the yard signs and take other ways to support the right candidates overcome the liberal media in these final weeks.