Monday, October 15, 2012

Did You Miss These?

Looking for an interesting read? The following articles certainly fit the bill.

* Was Britain less prepared for World War II because of the BBC's muzzling of Winston Churchill? (Nick Robinson, "Winston Churchill's Bitter Battle with the BBC," The Telegraph)

* The Daily Mail is one of the only media outlets reporting on the new Hadcrut 4 data which suggests that global warming stopped 16 years ago!

* The Benghazi coverup "is more than a scandal; it is a symptom. This is an administration that instinctively turns to any artifice -- any desperate, dubious claim -- rather than talk about an ongoing, escalating global conflict with radical Islamist groups." Michael Gerson's column is definitely not to be missed.

* For those who refuse to accept that Christianity creates a vastly more just, compassionate, and healthy culture than those created by Islam or Hinduism, I submit this Daily Mail article about the terrifying world of child brides.

* "Tyndale publishes Bibles. But that doesn’t make it a religious endeavor. Not in the federal government’s book. Not as of August 1, anyway. That was the day that the HHS mandate — a regulation further defining the health-care legislation that then–Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was right to tell us Congress would be passing before anyone knew what it actually contained — went into effect. Family businesses like Tyndale — which happen to be run by religious folk who want to live their lives true to what they believe — don’t qualify for any kind of 'accommodation' or exemption." (Sigh. It's just one more of many sad tales about how ObamaCare is flat-out stealing religious freedom from American citizens. Read more about it here at NRO from Kathryn Jean Lopez, "Obama’s Bible Issue.")