Monday, October 01, 2012

A Few "Don't Miss" Articles

Claire had a tough night and is showing all the signs of coming down with the same cold/cough/sinus thing that I dealt with this last week, a condition that forced cancellation of a couple of social engagements last week and all of my weekend's duties: book club meeting, sermon and Sunday school class, the art show at the Johnson's, and a political meeting at Dolce Cafe.

But I awoke much improved and so, while Claire sleeps in, I'll get to a bit of blogging by briefly listing a few important articles you should check out.

1) Here's a quick dose of reality from Wesley J. Smith over at NRO for those who wishfully imagined Chief Justice John Roberts some kind of conservative genius for his vote FOR Obamacare. The fact is he did a very bad thing. Whether out of pressure, cowardice, or trying to be too clever for his (and the nation's) good, Robert's decision enshrined the most unconstitutional and damaging judicial action since Roe v Wade.

2) Remember Nancy Pelosi's insane declaration, "We have to pass the bill to know what's in it"? Well, that insanity was nevertheless forced on the American public by Democrats.  And now the guys over at Americans for Tax Reform have outlined the five worst taxes hidden in those thousands of pages of ObamaCare -- taxes that we will start paying this January 1st. Can you say, "Happy New Year, suckers?"

3) Following up on last Friday's post (What Was the "Obama Phone Lady" Talking About?), you might want to see how this humongous government handout program is "working" in just one state. Good grief.

4) Because of ever-encroaching government regulations and, of course, a lousy economy, it seems that banks can't afford to offer free checking accounts anymore. Sigh. That's yet another depressing thing to thank President Obama for.

5) "55 percent of small business owners would not start company today, blame Obama." (Washington Examiner article.)

6) Mona Charen is wondering why the Romney/Ryan campaign seems to be MIA -- at least on the television screens of the key swing state of Virginia. She then passes along some excellent ad ideas to the Republicans with themes that would play better than the ones they're currently using. Let's hope they're paying attention.