Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Democrats Are Reaching for Your Tomorrow

"Speakers at the Democratic National Convention portrayed President Barack Obama's presidency in glowing terms Tuesday evening, but sometimes left out important details or embellished his record. Others mischaracterized programs backed by Republican challenger Mitt Romney and GOP running mate Paul Ryan."

Surprised? Of course not, although it's nice to see that a couple of AP reporters noticed.

But what else marked the commencement of the Democrat Convention?

* The convention's first day was awash in Planned Parenthood partying and other abortion zealotry. And, very significant, the party platform was changed to banish the old phrase pledging "to make abortion safe but rare" and replace it with promises to oppose all limitations of abortion whatsoever and to use taxpayer money to pay for abortions.

* The promotion of homosexual marriage remained in the platform. 

* Talk about Big Brother! How about the in-your-face socialism of an official Democrat video clip insisting that "The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To." Amazing.

* The phrase "God-given potential” was dropped from the party platform. After all, this God thing is so intolerant, so unintellectual, so anti-progressive.

* Also dropped from the party platform was pro-Israel language and the call for the recognition of Jerusalem as the nation's capital.

* And finally (last but not least in importance) is the honoring of the Convention of, gulp, Teddy Kennedy. Here's Jim Geraghty's comments:

Perhaps there's no better, or more symbolic choice, for the Democrats to honor on the first night of the convention than former Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Here is what appears to be one of the defining differences between Republicans and Democrats: Republicans think the fact that Ted Kennedy killed a woman, or at the very least put her in circumstances that led to her drowning and took no action to save her or even report her death, is unforgivable and colors every action thereafter; Democrats feel like this is some obscure family tragedy where Kennedy is almost as much a victim as she is and everyone should just avert their eyes and hush up about it because it was a long time ago.

Guy Benson: "Dems: Romney killed a woman! (False). Dems: We love this guy who actually killed a woman! (True)."