Thursday, September 06, 2012

How Bad Was the Dem's Day? So Bad the MSM Noticed.

How bad was the Democrat Convention's bumbling, stumbling attempt to fix a platform that had dissed not only Israel but every American who believes, like the Founding Fathers, that man's "inalienable" rights derive from God?

It was so bad that even the mainstream press had to comment on it. And those comments included words like embarrassment, fumble, backfire, stupid, angst, awkward, and so on.

True, the fact that the MSM sees these moral outrages as mere embarrassments is sad but, of course, the vast majority of MSM journalists share the secular, anti-Israel worldview of those Democrats who shaped the platform in its original form. So who's surprised.

Yet it remains noteworthy that the Convention and Team Obama were so extremely out there 1) in their misjudging of the American people, 2) in the fact that everyone knew the Prez had already signed on to the platform language which had removed God and Jerusalem, something he's now denying, and 3) in the obviously heavy-handed and false voice vote taken to replace God and Jerusalem -- that the MSM was forced into seeing it.

Republicans will be well served indeed if more Americans see the videotape of Democrat delegates on their feet booing God and Israel -- and even more if they begin to understand how deep, how angry and how dangerous is the modern Democrat Party to religious liberty.