Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wow. Did You Miss These?

* Nellie Gray vs Helen Gurley Brown

Barbara Curtis has a brief but profound article in World Magazine that contrasts the lives of two women who died on the same day earlier this week. The women, hedonist champion Helen Gurley Brown of Cosmopolitan and pro-life heroine Nellie Gray, couldn't have led more dissimilar lives -- or have left more divergent legacies. It's a very good piece.

* "Obama's Much-Touted 'Reset' Brings Russian Submarines To Our Coast" (An excellent editorial from Investor's Business Daily. As the wags at put it, "And here we were worried about teenagers climbing the fence.")

* "Going extinct is no fun"(Singapore's tragic "birth dearth" is briefly explored by Mercator's Michael Cook in this Ruth Institute post.)

Although [Singapore] is situated in a volatile part of the world, the threat is not war or tsunami or cyclone. It is its own imploding birth rate. In finances, Singapore is at the top of the league table; in fertility, it is at the bottom. With a birth rate of 0.78 it has been ranked by the CIA World Factbook at 222 out of 222. To compensate for the falling number of babies, Singapore imports people. About 35 percent of Singapore’s workers are foreign-born and about 23 percent of all residents.

In short, like the great man himself, Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore is slowly dying. The government is trying desperately to boost the birth rate with generous benefits, dating services and louche advertisements. And still the birth rate falls...

* Napolitano’s DHS under fire for “lewd” atmosphere (John Hayward's report in Human Events is an important read.)

* As is Judson Berger's report over on Fox News: ICE chief of staff on leave after new allegations of lewd conduct surface.

* "Facebook stock hits all-time low as insiders get first chance to sell" (In addition to the privacy weaknesses, you had to know Facebook was in trouble when the oligarchy in charge started making all of those intrusive, inefficient and irreversible changes. As the people leave, so too do the dollars that advertisers want to spend.)

* And finally, check out this website and this trailer and figure out how you can see this movie ASAP.