Monday, August 13, 2012

The Depth of the Cultural Divide

It was a very busy weekend and, apart from things relevant to my sermon preparation, I only managed to read a few things. And from those select articles comes one which I must urge you to read...and carefully consider. The article is "Two Tickets: Two Americas" by Stanley Kurtz (published over at NRO) and the insights he shares about the culture war that lies beneath the political campaigns are profound and very important.

...So while an Obama victory would indeed allow the president to entrench some of his most controversial policies, his restless tendency to push things ever further to the left will almost certainly generate dynamic new movements of opposition.

A Romney victory won’t quiet our national conflicts either. Although a Romney victory would be taken by conservatives as proof that we are still a center-right nation, the fact is that the mainstream media and our key cultural institutions are now in the hands of an increasingly ambitious Left. The media barely hides its bias now, and they will come at a President Romney with everything they’ve got. The Obama presidency has given the Left a taste of the transformations it might achieve, and defeat will be dismissed as a merely temporary setback. Now that both sides are out in the open and fully aware of the danger to their preferred ways of life posed by the other camp, we are entering an era of struggle and division that, if anything, exceeds what we’ve lived through for the past twelve years. This isn’t the beginning of the end of our divisions. It’s only the end of the beginning.