Friday, August 17, 2012

Liberal Media Silent on Anti-Christian Violence

Bias: A gay activist opens fire in a conservative organization's offices, inspired by the steady drumbeat of leftist vitriol against those who value traditional marriage, and no one says a word....

It took CNN two hours and 45 minutes before mentioning the shooting at the advocacy group's office 1.1 miles from the CNN D.C. bureau. On the NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams gave the story just 17 seconds, identifying FRC as a "conservative group" but not mentioning the affiliations and motive of the shooter.

MSNBC's Chris "Tingles" Matthews, who pinned the Giffords shooting squarely on Sarah Palin, said nothing.

No one died, thanks to the security guard who subdued the intruder and took a bullet in the process, but that does not explain the liberal silence.

Is it perhaps because his motivation was the hate speech of the left?...

But then this is the media that scoured Tea Party rallies for racist signs while ignoring the rapes, murders, assaults and vandalism that were all too typical of the Occupy Wall Street protests they embraced…

When liberals say we must civilize our discourse and watch what we say, they mean conservatives should shut up. Liberals can spout all the hate they want.

(From the editors of Investor's Business Daily, "Crickets Chirp When Leftist Hate Inspires Violence.")