Friday, August 03, 2012

It's a Wedding Celebration!

Claire and I are heading out soon for Aurora, Nebraska to witness the marriage vows tomorrow of Paul Aylward and Carrie Heiser. Paul is Claire's nephew (the 2nd son of her brother Tim and his wife Gaylene) and he's a great guy who is studying medicine at UNMC. Carrie is a very sweet country girl turned health professional who we have come to really like as well. We're looking forward to the wedding and, because they will be living in Omaha at least the next couple of years, we're also anticipating the enjoyment of their friendship.

We're taking off today because I'm officiating at the ceremony tomorrow and therefore need to be a part of the rehearsal tonight.

As most of you know, wedding weekends can be awfully tense affairs but we have been delighted to see how laid back and comfortable Paul and Carrie have been about the event. They are wise enough to know that it's the marriage that counts and not just the pomp and circumstance of the wedding. They are an intelligent, delightful and spiritually sound couple and the weekend should be a lot of fun for everybody involved.

Prayers will be appreciated for safe travel for everyone attending, for a lovely and meaningful ceremony, and for the blessing of Paul and Carrie as they start their life together. Thanks.