Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How's That "Sexual Revolution" Thing Working Out For You, America?

Let's add up the results of the sexual revolution, shall we?

* An outburst of brand new sexual diseases (along with skyrocketing rates of the "old" ones).

* No-fault divorce (with the resultant damages to women and children).

* The "silent holocaust" of legal abortion.

* The breakdown of the family, leading to legions of fatherless kids.

* Dramatic increases in sexual assault, child molestation and sex trafficking.

* The promotion of even the most unnatural, dangerous sexual perversions as acceptable.

* An extreme coarseness of culture as innocence, fidelity, and modesty are mocked, denied and trampled underfoot.

Not exactly what we hippies were hoping to accomplish back in the Swinging Sixties, huh?

Well, the latest in a long series of "Oops Moments" for the sexual revolution is the emergence of a new strain of super-gonorrhea that’s proving stubbornly resistant to antibiotics.

As we used to say, payback is a real bummer, baby.

Dustin Siggins has an excellent guest post over at Jill Stanek's blog dealing with this frightening development.