Thursday, August 02, 2012

How About That? The Times Speaks Well of Ted Cruz.

New York Times Calls GOP Candidate "An Intellectual Force."Also, Hell's Weather Forecast Calls for Record Lows

Ask yourself if you ever expected to see this headline in the New York Times about a Republican: Senate Candidate in Texas Is Known as an Intellectual Force

That's Jim Geraghty's introduction into this story about conservative Ted Cruz by, yes, the New York Times.

(Update: By the time, I got around to reading the article, the Times had changed the headline. Maybe they had read Geraghty and realized they have been too positive to a Republican after all. Anyway, the new headline, though still somewhat positive, did add a snide reference to the Tea Party -- "A Republican Voice With Tea Party Mantle and Intellectual Heft.")

But do read the piece. It's informative and certainly worthwhile.