Friday, August 17, 2012

Coping with Car Problems

Boy, it's a busy day.

And certainly not a good day to have car troubles...with both our cars!

But we're coping. Carol came over early this morning and followed Claire down to Christian Car Care where Jeff is going to try and find the problems that have kept us from driving the Buick. Meanwhile, I stayed home because Don was coming over to try and fix a serious brake problem on the Olds. In fact, he's working on it right now and is cautiously optimistic that we can soon take it on the road.

That's good because we have a "When Swing Was King" early this afternoon (our 4th this week) and then an appointment to get a haircut later on.

But before that, it's blogging, sending out an article for the church newsletter, and mowing the lawn. After that, it's sermon preparation, some letters to write, compiling and sending out the week's Top Ten posts from the blog, and maybe (since one of the cars will hopefully be fixed) I'll take Claire out for a late supper somewhere.

That'll be a nice way to start the weekend.