Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Barack Obama Honors Neil Armstrong's Memory with Photo...of Barack Obama!

Yes, I've already drawn attention to this story through a Facebook entry last night but since many of Vital Signs Blog readers are not connected there, I didn't want the chance to go by to point out the latest in a long, long line of remarkably gauche moves by our President.

It comes from the Daily Caller.

We all know the world revolves around The Greatest President in the History of Everything. So it makes sense that all the other celestial bodies were placed in the sky to shine down upon him.

This is not a Photoshop. This
[along with a couple of air-head sentences praising the space program that Obama has gutted] was actually posted on Obama’s official Tumblr page    ----->

Sure, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. But only to tidy it up, so that one day it would be a suitable resting place for Obama’s kingly gaze.

Hat tip to Sooper Mexican, who notes that this is a stock image from last April. That’s how Team Obama thinks: “Hey, we got any pictures of the boss looking at the moon? Any way we can make this all about him?” And that attitude starts at the top. Just ask Queen Elizabeth, as she’s deleting all the Obama videos from the iPod he gave her…