Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And What Of That Paul Ryan Pick? (Part Two)

Added to yesterday's selections, these articles will help you understand who Paul Ryan is, what he stands for, why his choice is important to the course of the country, and how to inform your friends and neighbors the REAL STORY about the fellow the Democrats are trying hard to demonize.

* "10 Reasons Why Paul Ryan Could Help Mitt Romney Become U.S. President" by Toby Harnden, Daily Mail.

* "Paul Ryan: Mitt Romney's Line in the Sand" by David Limbaugh.

* "The Paul Ryan Pick Is Already Working" by Tim Stanley in the Telegraph.

* "Ryan's Budget Is Radical? Far From It" by John Merline, Investor's Business Daily.

* "The Paul Ryan Choice" by Thomas Sowell in American Spectator.

* "Mitt’s ‘Damn-the-Torpedoes!’ Decision" by Pat Buchanan in Human Events.