Monday, August 13, 2012

A Lovely Start to the Week

What a lovely morning.

Claire and I started with breakfast out on the deck -- Panera's bagels and tea -- while we discussed both the weekend just passed and the plans for the week to come. It was overcast and downright cool. I mean like mid-60s cool. With the scorching, dry summer we've had the last couple of months, this was simply terrific.

The weekend had been a very busy but productive one. It included handing off Molly (our neighbor's dog that we had been "dogsitting" all week) back to her real owner; my traveling to Manning, Iowa to conduct a funeral service (I overshot the interstate exit by more than 20 miles and barely made it); Claire's cleaning the house and preparing for a celebration party for Karla Struble who completed her Master's degree a couple of weeks ago; the party itself with guests made up from our literary club and the Governing Board of Vital Signs Ministries (both groups of which Karla is a part); cleaning up after the party; preparing Sunday's sermon on Matthew 9: 8-26; Sunday church; and a cup of tea with a longtime friend on Sunday night.

We even managed to watch a bit of the PGA Championship on Sunday afternoon. (Well, okay, I did. Claire napped.) And then in the evening we discovered that Hulu features a season of Art Linkletter's classic, "People Are Funny." We watched a couple of episodes and enjoyed them immensely. We heartily recommend them and if, like us, you can connect your computer to your TV, you can enjoy it on a bigger screen. Really delightful.

While still out on the deck this morning, I started editing this month's LifeSharer letter which I wrote last week. And today's agenda, after I finish a bit of blogging, will concentrate on getting it printed, envelopes printed, and then everything combined and sent. We won't make it but it'll be fun trying.

The rest of the week will include several "When Swing Was King" presentations, two shifts of sidewalk counseling at the abortion mill, sermon prep, studying for an upcoming speaking engagement...and, of course, blogging. See you then.