Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yet More Criminal Action from Planned Parenthood?

A former clinic director of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is suing the clinic, claiming it submitted fraudulent or ineligible claims for birth control pills.

Sue Thayer through her attorneys Alliance Defending Freedom filed the federal suit in the Southern District March 2011 against the two Iowa clinics, Iowa Medicaid Enterprise and the Iowa Family Planning Network, but it was just unsealed Monday. The suit claims Planned Parenthood filed nearly half million false claims with Medicaid from 2002 to 2009 which the organization received and retained nearly $28 million in reimbursements.

Planned Parenthood allegedly implemented a “C-mail” program that automatically mailed a year’s supply of birth control pills to women who had only been seen once at a clinic and usually by personnel who were not qualified health care professionals, according to the suit. Planned Parenthood then mailed thousands of unrequested birth control pills to those clients.

The suit contends the clinic cost for a 28-day supply mailed to clients was $2.98 but the Medicaid reimbursement to the clinic for the pills was $26.32. Planned Parenthood resold the same birth control pills and billed Medicaid twice for the same pills if they were returned by the postal service, instead of crediting Medicaid or destroying the returned pills...

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