Wednesday, July 11, 2012

That Slow Train Is Comin' Faster

Hmm. I wonder why I'm humming bits of Dylan's "Slow Train Coming" this morning.

Could it be because I'm thinking about Russia's and China's increasing bullying of the U.S.? Is it because I've also been mourning the escalation of persecution against Christians in Islamic countries, in Communist countries...and in the U.S.?

And, of course, the fact that I read the articles listed below is a factor too. Check 'em out.

 * "The Obama administration is moving to shut down nine Border Patrol stations across four states, triggering a backlash from local law enforcement, members of Congress and Border Patrol agents themselves."

 * "No previous president ever promoted a giveaway more peculiar than Barack Obama's mandate that all health care plans must offer free sterilizations to all women -- but not all men -- capable of breeding. This mandate is Obama's defining act as president -- just as his adamant opposition to a bill that would have defined a born baby as a "person" was his defining act as an Illinois state senator." (Terrence Jeffrey.)

* President Barack Obama says (apparently with a straight face too) that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has not posed a "serious" national security threat to the United States.

* "Outdated state laws that allow local governments to sell tax liens on delinquent properties to investors in order to more quickly collect on overdue property taxes is sparking a second 'foreclosure crisis,' a report from the National Consumer Law Center said Tuesday." (The article gives examples of people surrendering their homes to the government for as little as $400 in late taxes.)

* "Earlier today, Attorney General Eric Holder addressed the NAACP Nation Convention at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. What did media need in order to attend? That's right, government issued photo identification (and a second form of identification too!), something both Holder and the NAACP stand firmly against when it comes to voting. Holder's DOJ is currently suing Texas for "discriminatory" voter ID laws." (Katie Pavlich.)