Thursday, July 12, 2012

Planned Parenthood's "Black on Black" Violence

When one hears about "black on black" crime, it is usually in the context of street shootings. But Ryan Bomberger knows there is a more horrific, more outrageous example than even that.

In his latest column for LifeNews, Bomberger comments on the tragic irony of Essence magazine's chummy relationship with Planned Parenthood and shows how it is yet another example of black leadership partnering with the nation's leading destroyer of black lives.

Sometimes in life our most painful wounds are self-inflicted. Nowhere is that more evident, today, than in the black community.

Black entertainment, political, religious and academic leaders have tragically thrown their support behind the singular highest source of death in the black community—the abortion industry. Who needs cowards in white pointy hoods to promote racism and death when you can get Planned Parenthood to be the sponsor of one of the largest national African-American events?

One would think Planned Parenthood would be considered an enemy, not an event sponsor for Essence magazine’s annual Essence Music Festival.

The magazine has been in bed with Planned Parenthood for years, though, and is a multiple recipient of the population control chain’s annual Margaret Sanger Award. They even co-sponsored a national conference to help Planned Parenthood and its media allies strategize on how to combat my organization’s campaigns.

In the inverted world of abortion activism The Radiance Foundation is denounced for attempting to save black babies and restore black families, while Planned Parenthood (an organization that has killed more people than died in the holocaust) is regarded as a sponsor worth celebrating…

Planned Parenthood, with its billion dollars in assets, billion-dollar annual budget, and widespread clinic presence in black neighborhoods across the country, could actually do something to help the communities that they “serve” instead of offering death as a solution. But you won’t see them promote abstinence or responsible sexual behavior, conduct food drives, provide educational scholarships or engage in housing renovation projects. They offer lots of contraception (which every single statistic available shows has done nothing to reduce the unintended pregnancy rate in black communities) and death via abortion...

While inner-cities languish in increased poverty, disintegrated families, higher crime rates, poorly performing public schools, less job opportunities, increasing unintended pregnancy rates, exponentially higher abortion and STD rates, their self-proclaimed “saviour” rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars from their own racial hygiene theory called “reproductive justice”.

Planned Parenthood’s entire inception was rooted in the destructive and hate-filled, anti-Christian pseudoscience of eugenics that continues to direct their worldwide efforts of population control. So Essence magazine can pretend that the nation’s largest abortion chain is an ally. They choose to ignore history, refuse to see the present statistical reality, and revel in the fatal lie of ‘reproductive freedom’.

Essence proves that its essence is ignorance. Some say, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” Yes, it can. And every year for over 363,000 unborn future possibilities in the black community, it not only hurts, it kills.