Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dispatches from the Field #1 -- Getting Through the Week

Last week's schedule had only one presentation of "When Swing Was King" but there was an awful lot of other stuff to get done and so were really hustling.

And we were doing a lot of praying "on the fly."

There were, for instance, the regular hours to be invested in Vital Sings Blog, including the cross-posts on Facebook and Blogs Lucianne Loves. There was also the weekly compilation of highlights from the blog to send out via e-mail.

But the schedule also included a talk to a group of Christian teenagers from Hope Church who had come along to the "When Swing Was King" presentation at Skyline nursing home. They had come to observe but also to visit with the residents. They did a really great job. And afterwards we went back to the church and talked for over an hour about ministries to seniors and developing a Christian worldview and lifestyle. The kids were very responsive and we left impressed and a bit more hopeful about the next generation.

Also on the schedule last week were two sessions (Wednesday and Saturday mornings) of prayer and sidewalk counseling outside the horrid Planned Parenthood abortion mill; a clergy luncheon (at which I was the only non-Catholic clergy); quite a bit of lawn maintenance to help it survive this scorching weather; my Tuesday morning regimen at Panera's, preparation for Sunday’s sermon, and getting out this month’s LifeSharer letter.

The LifeSharer letter is always quite the project. First, I've got to write it. (Literally. Pen. Yellow tablet. Longhand.) Then Claire types it up. Then I proofread and edit the text. And that step is repeated an average of 4 times. Then we get it printed and bring it back to be folded. Before this, by the way, Claire has printed off address labels and return envelopes. We then fold, stuff, stamp, seal and get it all to the Post Office. The final two tasks are Claire posting the LifeSharer on the VSM website and also sending it out via e-mail to the 100 or so who prefer receiving it that way.

And that's every month. Whew.

So, things were certainly busy enough last week. But then life is always bringing surprises along, isn't it? And so we ended up having to squeeze in a few more activities: a visit to our home from a member of our church intensely agitated over family matters, a lengthy phone conversation with another friend also distraught about family problems, a hospital visit, a men’s breakfast at church, and so on.

All things considered, it was a week which really emphasized that an ongoing dependence on the Holy Spirit is an absolute necessity for life -- at whatever pace it's lived. For strength, for wisdom, for perspective, for graciousness and patience, for joy, and for victory, He must be one's constant Companion.

And yes, in case you're wondering, it was a very good week. Busy and sometimes difficult but also exhilarating and effective. And, of course,  the opportunity I have in working alongside Claire makes even the tough and tedious things into blessings.

And, for a little more on the importance of stimulating fellowship, see the next post.