Friday, July 13, 2012

Cruising Along with "When Swing Was King"

Claire and I have had the honor (and pleasure) of presenting "When Swing Was King" three days in a row. Well, counting this afternoon's program at Immanuel Courtyard, it will be four days in a row. That schedule that's hindered us a bit with other obligations: the LifeSharer letter, the pie social preparation, the lawn, next Sunday's sermon, etc. But there's no escaping the fact that we're still having an awful lot of fun.

Tuesday's presentation was at Heritage Pointe where we had our second showing in their theater room. We love it there and so do the residents. We're very pleased that the activities director has scheduled us for that room from now on. Setting up is a little easier (they have their own screen) but, most important, the atmosphere of the darkened room makes the drama of the photos and the sound quality of the music really terrific. You really get into the feel of the thing.  People were singing, swaying and reminiscing to their hearts content. And, as always, there was time for some pleasant visiting too.

On Wednesday we were at Lindenwood, a rather atypical place for us in that many of the residents are younger and physically mobile. Yet they continue to be one of the most enthusiastic audiences for "When Swing Was King." They ask a lot of questions, do a lot of talking, and applaud every song. We laugh as much at Lindenwood as anywhere else and we've made a lot of good friends: Pat, Mavis, Lyle, Carolyn, Christiano, Betty, Sy and more.

Thursday afternoon found us out at Life Care Center in Elkhorn for a packed house. One of the nearby nursing homes had been invited in to participate (they're coming more frequently, that's really cool) and we were really crammed in. But a good time was had by all -- about 30 in all. There was a lot of emotion yesterday; a lot of singing along on the Ella, Dick Haymes, Tommy Dorsey and Fred Astaire numbers; and a lot of sparkling memories. The only problem was when the power cord came out of the projector. That it takes a few minutes before everything can warm up again. But I filled the time by telling them stories about items they had just seen on the screen (Listerine Shaving Cream and Kool-Aid) and nobody missed a beat. In fact, the residents responded so well to the impromptu anecdotes that Claire suggested that we should perhaps plan on a power failure every showing. Cute girl.

This afternoon we will be at one of the best of the 11 (sometimes 12) places we do every month -- Immanuel Courtyard. Our audience consists of both the independent living apartments and the assisted living wing and these folks really dig the program. Also, the AD there is a great gal with whom we share a lot of spiritual convictions. We're especially excited about today's program because it contains two songs expressly requested by one of the residents. We know she's going to get a big kick out of the fact that we found them for her. And one of them ("Sugar Blues" by Clyde McCoy is proving to be a fan favorite.)

So, we're planning on a great time...even if it means that mowing the lawn will have to wait. And, of course, anytime you'd like to join us, you'd be more than welcome. The monthly schedule is right here.