Thursday, June 14, 2012

"When Swing Was King" Update -- A Very Special Dance

Claire and I were at Lindenwood yesterday for our regular "When Swing Was King" presentation. It is one of our favorite places but it does have its challenges. The elevator takes forever, the third floor room is pretty small, and we have to tape up black plastic "curtains" that Claire made in order to make it dark enough to see the images we project on the screen. But a livelier, more interactive, more appreciative group you just won't find. Yesterday we managed to squeeze into that room Claire and I, our equipment, the Activities Director, Ann...and 21 residents.

In fact, we even had enough room for Lyle and Anna to get up and dance together during one of our final songs! Sure, they blocked the screen from view but that didn't matter. We had all heard of Lyle's reputation as a dancer in the days before the unsteadiness, the use of the walker, the falls...and we had seen hints of his grace even in the moves he makes from his chair. But to be surprised by he and Anna (also into her seventies or more) getting up to actually dance together...well, it was an incredible moment.

Yes, we were a bit nervous and we were praying for their strength to hold out. And yes, Ann was very near to provide support if either of the dancers began to weaken or stumble. But they were fine. Anna wore a sweet smile throughout and Lyle was winking at Claire as if to say, "See. I told you I was a dancer." And as they sat down amid uproarious applause, we all knew we had been part of a very wonderful experience.

I told the crowd, "You know, we do these programs at 10 other places every month and I'm wondering if we shouldn't start stopping by here first and pick up Lyle and Anna to provide some special entertainment to go along with the music. What do you guys think?" The applause started all over again and our two dancers beamed with pride.

Lord, thank you so much for that treasure.

And, of course, you are invited to come along with Claire and I and enjoy these kinds of magic moments with us as we take "When Swing Was King" to nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the area. You'll love the music and pictures but, more important, you'll be on hand to make the program even more of a "happening" for the residents. Your help in visiting with them before and after (even during) the program would be an important blessing to them...and to you too.

This afternoon we will be presenting "When Swing Was King" out at the Life Care Center in Elkhorn and tomorrow afternoon at Pacific Springs but the monthly schedule can always be found at the Vital Signs Ministries website. Come on along; we would all love the pleasure of your company.