Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Tyranny Is Not Just A Potential Threat: It's Beginning

Cases in point?

* An esteemed pro-life organization has its computers seized as judges and cops go along with a disgruntled Democrat whose backing for ObamaCare caused him to lose an election.

* A man tries to remove -- from his own yard -- a politician's yard signs and is beaten up by three thugs while a party crowd across the street (a crowd which includes not only the said politician but a high-ranking policeman) do nothing. And the politician (she's running to be a judge!) and the police are not even bothered by the crime.

* In keeping with the tradition of police, attorneys general, politicians and journalists to ignore the undercover videos revealing crimes perpetrated by Planned Parenthood, the same groups are ignoring the recent videos which demonstrate Planned Parenthood staffers arranging for criminal abortions because of the "wrong" gender of the preborn child.

* Barack Obama's Justice Department led by Eric Holder...Oh my, that's a whole book in itself. Fast and Furious, contempt of Congress, protection of thugs who intimidate and defraud voters, persecution of innocent pro-lifers...We could be here a long while.