Friday, June 08, 2012

TV's Most Iconic Characters? Denny & Claire's Picks.

The other night Claire and I tried to come up with our Top Ten iconic characters from television. Note -- I said "characters," not mere personalities or actors. Thus, we left out "real" folks who we would certainly consider bigger than life from our TV watching like Ed Sullivan, Dick Clark, Johnny Carson, Emeril Lagasse or Howard Cosell.

It sure wasn't easy and we admit from the start here that we concentrated on icons that we liked -- not simply the most popular or influential. For instance, Fonzie didn't make our list nor did Archie Bunker, J.R. Ewing or anyone from M.A.S.H. We realize they would probably make America's Top Ten but we're not America. We didn't care for them and so they weren't even in the running.

The second admission is that we're not much into TV. We were when we were kids though and so most of our list comes from the 50s and 60s. The third admission is that we sometimes counted pairs of characters (even groups) as a single entry. And the final admission? We couldn't keep it within ten!

So, with all that said, here (listed in reverse order of preference) is Denny & Claire's Top Ten TV Iconic Characters with a second list of thirteen more (in no particular order) which made Honorable Mention.

The Top Ten:

10) Paladin
9) Mission Impossible team
8) Ward, June, Wally and Beaver Cleaver
7) Batman & Robin
6) John Steed & Emma Peel
5) Joe Friday
4) Superman
3) The Lone Ranger & Tonto
2) Andy Taylor, Barney Fife and Opie Taylor
1) Lt. Columbo

And the Honorable Mentions:

* Lucas McCain.
* Jessica Fletcher
* Laverne & Shirley & Lenny & Squiggy
* Maxwell Smart
* Ralph Kramden & Ed Norton
* Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bob & Clarabelle
* Matt Dillon
* Rocky & Bullwinkle
* Richard Kimble
* The Cartwrights
* Napoleon Solo & Illya Kuryakin
* Steve McGarrett
* Lassie