Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Sexual Revolution is the REAL War on Women

I print below a couple of paragraphs from Tom Bethell's latest article over at American Spectator. It's called, "From ‘Happily Ever After’ to the Fall: The Costs of the Women's Movement and the Sexual Revolution are Coming Due."

It's really a good one. So don't miss it…and don't let your daughters miss it either.

...A hundred years ago, early feminists opposed abortion. Today? NOW favors “reproductive rights,” to use the latest euphemism. But what so many of us have forgotten is that the old Christian prohibitions against divorce, contraception, and abortion worked to protect women (just as the old injunction against women in combat worked to their advantage, too).

The Cumulative effect has been to plunge us ever deeper into the sexual revolution. There’s a brave pretense that sexual equality is an achievable goal, and not just equality in the office. So we have same-sex college dorms and a culture of “hooking up.” We have date-rape codes and an ever-increasing wariness between the sexes of a marriageable age. The connection between sexual intercourse and procreation has been rendered voluntary.

We are so immersed in this that we can hardly see how revolutionary it is...