Friday, June 22, 2012

Priority Reading for Your Weekend

Some of these are alarming. Some amusing. Some designed to stimulate to specific action. But all are of value to the counter-culture Christian.

* Aaron Goldstein's American Spectator article detailing the long and sad history of Eric Holder, "Holder Has Long Been Contemptible: Just don't let him resign before November 6."

*  George Will's interesting column in the Washington Post, "The Beach Boys Still Get Around."

* An editorial from Investor's Business Daily with yet more information on Barack Obama's bizarre (and it turns out, wholly invented) family history. The editorial is boldly titled, "Is President Obama A Pathological Liar?"

*  It was a dream come true for Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers to actually meet blind Chinese lawyer Chen Guangcheng for whom she has worked so diligently to free from the hands of his Communist Chinese torturers. Read about that momentous meeting right here.

* Those of you who watch golf on TV and, like me, are getting fed up with boorish spectators disturbing the peace, will appreciate Alex Myers' piece in Golf Digest, "Dear Gallery, Stop Yelling Stupid Things!"

(Excerpt -- I'm not trying to sound all Bobby Jones-preachy here. I don't think fans should be restrained to soft "golf claps" and dressing like they're about to attend a business conference, but they should keep in mind that players can actually hear them. And worse, everyone else watching -- both in person and on TV -- can as well.

I mean, if you're going to take advantage of total silence, why not at least scream something that's for a good cause? Maybe something like "Peace and goodwill!" Or, "Lower gas prices!" Or better yet, "Stop making Adam Sandler movies!"

* "If anything, though, the bad economy will make Americans more inclined to be angry about Fast and Furious and the administration’s attempt to cover up the scandal. If American were happier about the economic situation, they would be more willing to cut the president some slack on issues that have little impact on their daily well-being. Since they are unhappy, they may well tend to view Fast and Furious as a manifestation of the administration’s incompetence and dishonesty." (This is just one of the illuminating observations about the political impact of Fast & Furious scandal. You'll find more in this PowerLine column by by Paul Mirengoff.)

* Of course, the rule of law doesn't matter much to Team Obama. But for the rest of us who still respect it and who desire the Constitution to remain in force, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano's detailed explanation of the legal background of executive privilege and why Obama's move to exploit it is a dastardly deed, is a good read. You'll find it at Fox News right here.